Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 'Chodan' August Mubarak

Yo Yo Yo.....this is the time we all do hawai fring don't we. It's just that part of the year, the day we got a chance to clean our shit with muslim showers. We finally became a free nation after years of british occupation and became an independent 'Muslim' state. But the founder was a secular so it should be a secular state. The only problem with that is it was formed in the name of religion so it should be an islamic secular state. Yeah its that simple, i don't know why people get confused about the 'ideology' of Pakistan. It's simple i.e; eat, sleep and masturbate (in ramzan only the first two oh sorry its ramadan).

I usually hear people saying a lot of shite about Pakistan, that there is no hope, there is no freedom etc etc. I say bullshit...the hope is there, it always is, no matter how impotent you are there is always a 'hakeem' with a 'Kushta'. So yes, there is hope that one day we will move on from being allowed to piss in public to be able to kiss in public. That is a day when our champion of liberal Pakistan Nadeem F Paracha will be able to die in peace.

Today i heard someone saying that Pakistanis are much more braver than the Indians. Well thats such a great achievement you know, to be braver than the Indians. Only 229 countries in the world have that kinda record. People also say that one day 14th August will be celebrated in Delhi as well, just like they did in Dera Bugti this year. I look forward to that day when we the muslims will take our muslim showers across the borders and give some roasted meat into their 'dhal' curries.

I see my facebook and a lot of friends have changed their 'DP's'. Ironically for the last 64 years it has been more than a DP, it has been a gangbang. Having said that its really great to see people being so passionate about the country. You see these 'Youth' organizations talking about the future of Pakistan in their BBC news accents about how to bring the 'Change'. Well the only 'Change' i see in these 'Youth' and the generation of the past is that nowadays they loose their virginity at an earlier age.

One more thing about this 'Special' day. The songs and the 'Milli Naghmas'. I love them especially Naghmana Jaferi because she was the kind i like. Chubby, ugly, paindu and willing. Coming back to the topic I still get the goose bumps when I hear 'Hum zinda qoum hain' etc etc. I really do. That's the reason why I have stopped listening to such stuff because its now more bumps than goose. I remember back home in Islamabad there used to be this motorcade where the Youth will come out with flags and play loud music (Usually Indian). I seriously miss those days, because that was a nice 'Poondi' activity. But it's alright 'Chand raat' is not so far.

Towards the end I will like to congratulate all my brethren and their sisteren on this auspicious occasion of the 64th Independence day. Its great to be free. We could have been more free had zardari not taken 10% of it. Anyways Imran Khan will make us more free I am sure, because yesterday it was hot and I couldn't go out. Plus its Ramzan as well (Oh, sorry Ramadan) so it's just that part of the year you know when you are just killing 10 people per day in karachi as compared to the 'haram' acts of killing around 30 a day. So, We are all together in this. Remember divided we fall and united we rise. And even if we fail to rise, we have China afterall.


  1. very cunning but very well articulated....its like a shocking slap on my face...

  2. Ironically for the last 64 years it has been more than a DP, it has been a gangbang.


  3. losing virginity at an early age :p

  4. we have China afterall. << killer Ending :P

  5. hahahahahahahha ironic n sarcastic, a good laugh!

  6. You are one seriously confused person..