Saturday, July 19, 2014

Popcorn Outrage

It has been a long time since I shat about anything meaningful, and this article is no proof that I am taking a dump for anybody’s sake either.
It is just that I am outraged at the number of outrageous things happening around without the champions of liberty and freedom getting a boner.
Take cover, terrorist in motion.

In the picture you can see Bu Ghubara bin Dobara a young terrorist taking away a rocket propelled car in what is a surgically struck home by the IDF which must have killed a few under 15 terrorists. This picture is not worth a mention on the likes of BBC, CNN, FOX etc as kids like these apparently belong to a lesser God. Watching tele gives an impression as if the world is taking a swipe at the Palestinians in a way similar to ‘your mama is so fat ….’ jokes, everybody seems to point to the Palestinians and be like ‘your right to exist is so short that even one minute silence seems too long for it’.

A couple of days ago four children were playing football on a beach and got killed by an airstrike. I am outraged at the kids. I mean the world cup has just ended, who wants to have a kick about anymore? I guess they were just killed for being too boring. On a serious note, the most frustrating thing about the killings for me is neither the IDF nor the silence of the rest of the world. It is Hamas, a body that is run by people who look like a bunch of clowns having a mid-life crisis. They have got no clue as to how to go about the whole thing, no vision, no tactics, and no propaganda voice. Or maybe it's just that blaming them for everything ensures an average age above 50.

Before I move on to the next subject a big shout out to the French dudes who banned protests in favor of Gaza. Well done brothers, this great act will not only strengthen the magnificent secular democratic western values but also discourage public from engaging in fruitless activities. Also a massive round of applauds (take a bow motion to go with it) to the Arab world for once again showing how being sodomized is not necessarily a bad thing.

It's a bird it's a plane it's a suicide.
Ever heard of a man with the dong so long that he scored himself? No? Well me neither, but here we are. Apparently the Ukranian rebels have solved one of the greatest fantasies of global perverts; by shooting down the MH17 they have effectively committed self-necrophilia. Thinking it was a local jet fighter they shot down the hopes, aspirations and dreams of 298 individuals and families. Heartbreaking stories of a Malaysian family that lost all 6 coupled with an Australian woman who earlier lost a brother in MH370 crash now lost her step daughter have made even the most stone hearted shed a tear. It was an act of blatant terror in broad daylight that may change the discourse of global politics. Talking about change did you notice a change in the tone I talked about Gaza and MH17? That’s the way humanity rolls my friend.

In the end time for some self-defensive popcorn action for y’ll.

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