Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Video Away

First things first, I strongly condemn the anti-Islam video titled as "The Innocence of Muslims". Not only has it uncovered the underlying hate in some sections of the society in the west, it has also displayed the amount of ignorance that is still generally prevalent about Islam. Though, I haven’t seen the video myself but the whole act clearly shows that the theory of “Clash of Civilizations” is still applicable, if not literally then in an alternative context at least. This “anti-Islam” video has invited a wave of anger and agitation around the Muslim world, which is genuine in a sense that the video mocked Islam and the Prophet (P.B.U.H). However, it is the events of the past week that have led me to write only the second post of the year on this page.

Just a quick recap of the events of the last few days, an American ambassador killed in Libya followed by mass protests around the recently awakened Arab countries like Egypt. Pakistan, the second largest Muslim country in the world has seen at least 2 people killed, partial closure of business for the last 4 days, YouTube banned and now a public holiday on Friday which costs around 8 billion Pak rupees. In the events of the last week we have also seen at least half a dozen Pakistani police’s vehicles torched, and the same number of Pakistani policemen injured. Between the two people killed, one was a distant relative of mine. A father of four, banker by profession, killed by police’s fire as he was part of a mob that marched towards the US consulate in Karachi last Sunday.

When I look at all of this, I get amazed by the so called emotion level of my fellow countrymen. This anti-Islam video has definitely attacked Islam in a way that is nothing but condemnable, but what about the Taliban who attack Muslim mosques, processions and prayers almost every other day, attacks that result in destructed mosques (house of Allah), burnt Korans (Holy book) and dead Muslims. What about the attacks on different 12th Rabi ul Awal functions, aren’t they a direct attack on the Prophet and his followers? (I am not mentioning a compulsory attack on a Muharram procession every year because that is on “Kafirs” anyways no?) Why don’t the lovers of Allah, followers of Islam, march towards the Taliban strongholds? Why don’t these “emotional” Muslims, aspire to kill the people who openly propagate attack on mosques which end up in burnt Qurans? My question to everyone is this, after having banned YouTube, when will the believers ban religious bigotry, intolerance and hatred?

Another very interesting fact about these protests is that none of them was coordinated. Every sect, every political party had its own procession. So, the people who were basically protesting to orchestrate to the world the actual innocence of Muslims ended up showing to the world they can’t even do it together. If you look back at the Iraq war, ask yourselves when was this war lost? Was it when Muqtada al Sadr created the Mahdi army or was it when Al Qaeda started the suicide missions? If you ask me, the war was lost on the day when one million people marched peacefully on the streets of London against the use of force. That was the D-day of the Iraq war. Irrespective of what followed and what may follow in the future, the war was lost in London on a day when a million people showed that a simple unified peaceful procession can do something which trillions of dollars and thousands of soldiers cannot undo.

Taken from a Facebook Page, this picture had 500 likes and was shared 400 times.

In an ideal world, such videos, cartoons should never be made. In an ideal world, there would be a brotherhood of man. In an ideal world, there would be only two things i.e. right and wrong, which will dictate our decisions, our actions, our morality, our religion and what not. What it means is that in an ideal world, there would only be two kinds of people; the righteous and those who are propagators of everything that is wrong. I am afraid in the real world; the only two kinds of people that exist are the powerful and the weak.  Powerful decide what is right and what is wrong, while the squeaks of the weak fall on deaf ears. It is this single largest fact of life, which has managed to somehow elude the Muslim world for centuries. Slavery, exploitation, occupation, invasion and dare I say Blasphemy are the tools of the powerful to hurt the weak. We, the Muslims, have to ask ourselves what is our strength? What are we giving to the world apart from an ever growing population? Where rests our Power? Unless and until we are able to transform our societies, I fear these blasphemous trends will continue or God forbid intensify in the years to come. However, history shows even the weakest can overcome the mightiest force with an element of unity. Since our record at that is even worse than United Nations’ record to maintain global peace, I see nothing but futility in our protests. What a shame it is, that two billion people are just a video away from chaos and anarchy.

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