Thursday, March 1, 2012

Take Back My ID Card!

In certain parts of the UK, they read shit as shite, and since we were exclusively ruled by the British for around 9 decades I presume some of us confused shite with shi'ite. Many might read this and call it an unfair assumption but most of them have not been called
an infidel at the age of 5 by the biggest douche bag of their 1st grade class. But this article is not about our communal conduct towards ethnic minorities, instead this article is about the rebirth of Nazis in our beloved homeland i.e. (Very) Islamic (Extremely) Republic of Pakistan.

I have intentionally posted this Urdu headline here, because I would like to think that my English medium friends have not read this news about 18 people being taken off a bus and murdered in cold blood after their national identity cards were checked, otherwise this quote of Martin Luther King Jnr comes in my mind in which he says that it wasn't the cruelty of his enemies but the silence of his friends that hurt him the most. Enough said I guess in this regard.

Now let’s just talk about this particular incident, in fact let’s not talk about it. Let’s talk about Waheeda Shah and that poor polling agent. It definitely is worth talking about. I mean Waheeda Shah is a politician after all and they have that video which shows that she slapped that polling agent right where it hurts, and while we are at it let’s also talk about Atiqa Odho. Do you know she was once caught travelling with liquor bottles on an airport? That is totally deplorable in our country. It's not allowed and cannot be tolerated. So these two incidents are definitely more important than the murder of 18 Pakistanis belonging to a certain sect. Well at least the Chief Justice of Pakistan thinks that way.

On another note, people like me are an intricate breed. We are difficult to judge, we hardly have any religious practices to show who we really are and what we really stand for. In short we have what the religious guys call a 'flexible sense of morality'. The irony however exists, and that is we don't get to pick certain realities of life. Realities like the family we are born in, the number of siblings we have, the citizenship allotted on birth, the neighbourhood we grow in and also most importantly the name our parents give us. We can't influence these facts of life. We cannot change the name of our father; we simply cannot amend our family name. But in the country we live in, these realities decide the quality of one's life, the length of one's being and dare I say the purpose of one's existence. People are judged, tortured, murdered and silenced on the basis of language, province and sect. For those who know enough would know that sometimes language and province counts for nothing when it comes to the so called 'sectarian violence'. Hence, one can be murdered anywhere and anytime due to sectarian allegiances whether it's Quetta, Hazara, Lahore, Karachi, Parachinar, Hangu etc unless of course it's Raiwand or Mansoora or that kind of area you know.

I for one don't want to die in an act of 'sectarian violence' by 'unknown gunmen'. Yes 'unknown gunmen' even after an organization takes full responsibility. But let’s not take names here, let’s just balance the act, let’s just wait for another bus, let’s just wait for another procession, let’s just wait for another day and another moment of 'sectarian violence'. Therefore I Syed Ali Raza (very killable no??) request NADRA to take my NIC back, simply because I refuse to change my name from Ali to any other livable name. Take back this identity that puts my life in danger and my death in vain. Take back this identity that gives nothing but torture, death and misery. Take back this identity which only has worth of a compensation cheque. Please take back this identity; please take back my ID card!!!!


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