Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Bald and the beast!

Do the baldies even know the meaning of 'Go Zardari Go'? Although my english is just a slight upgrade on the Meera's and Inzimam's of this world but 'Go xyz Go' is a phrase to cheer someone up, used to rally behind someone. But since this is Pakistan and we are the kings of misusing things (eg internet=porn etc) same is the case with this phrase. 'Go Musharraf Go' and now 'Go Zardari Go' say the 'Khadims' of Punjab. It's like a 3rd rate movie by a 3rd rate director where a bad guy turns into a good guy in an instant and then wrecks havoc. The Bald brothers were sexting with Zardari and co for three and a half years and now they are all of a sudden trying to act like 'Shareefs'.

On the other hand after 15 years of trying 'the beast' has finally arrived. Whether 'Imran Can't' has turned into 'The Imran Khan' is something on which the jury is still out, but one thing is for sure and that is I still don't know the name of his party's general secretary. Jokes apart it was a v.impressive show by PTI in Lahore. Filling 'Minar e Pakistan' is not an easy task, so full marks to all those involved in arranging the event. The event also saw the introduction of DJ Butt at the big stage. His background music was just pure gold especially the part when he played sad music at the time when Mr.Khan started talking on the subject of war on terror. My sources tell me the 'Jalsa' wasn't the end of music for the participants for the night as a lot of them went straight to Qurat ul Ain Baloch or quite simply QB's concert later. The biggest success of this event was achieved when my father called me up and said that he will vote for Mr.Khan in the next elections after being a voter of PPP since 1970. Trust me if that has happened then 'Kaptaan' has a genuine reason for optimism about the next elections.

While all this is happening in Lahore, I am just curious to see the next move of the 'Bambino man' Zardari. Hate him or hate him more he has mastered the act of wheeling and dealing. Almost all those parties which contested the last election are in government whether in the centre or in the provinces. He has basically followed the rule of 'when in Rome, DO the Romans'. As we know 'we are the best' so we have the best of the best ruling us. So far, both the rallies will not be of any cause of concern for a man whose children are Bhuttos although he himself is a Zardari but only time will tell how PTI and PMLN build pressure on him.

My request to all the cool people on facebook, twitter, blogspot etc is that the only way to bring a 'change' in a parliamentary system is by vote. 31st October is the last day of registering your name in the voter list. So get registered people and be the change you want to see in Pakistan. So if you like strings vote for Imran khan, if you like Jalib's murder vote for PML-N, if you like 'burqay mein rehnay do' vote for MQM, if you like 'sabiluna sabiluna al jihad o wal jihad' vote for JI, if you like 'dama pukhta rora ghalti malti, hum say mara train nahin chalti' then vote for ANP.

And if you want them all, vote for PPP.


  1. remember a column of JC I posted on your wall sometimes ago.... your last sentence reminds me of that !! btw i am a fan of our mr president !!