Thursday, September 15, 2011

The flood, the terror the dengue!!!!

I am writing this shit from Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan and half of the city is like venice, albeit a lot more smelly, dirty and without any boats ofcourse. The greatness of this country and its great people has kinda been exposed you know by around 150-200 mm of 'Khuda ki rehmat'. To cut the long story short its another year and another flood. The fraud 'pir' turned Prime Minister came on TV the other day to ask for support from the people (private channels showed commercials in between :D).
 Now smart intellectual asses bashed that speech and called for dams and stuff. I however have come up with a far more practical and cost effective solution i.e to record the audio and start playing it every year around August. Because lets face it nobody is building any dams or anything. May be they can also dub it in the voices of the PM's that will follow like the dubbed video of Amir Liaqat because let me do a Sheikh rasheed here and tell you this: Floods came last year, they came this year and they are going to come again and again. So floods in this country are a bit like the frustrated youth (talking w.r.t cum again and again).

Now moving from Sindh to Balochistan (don't do it in real life if you are a Punjabi). Quetta the capital, a city i once went to as a young boy is under a constant siege of terror. The terror in Quetta is targeted against a single community and it is direct, unrelenting and inhumane to say the least. It's disturbing to see a whole community being eliminated on the basis of their race and sect infront of a 'Zinda qoum' and no body is doing nothing. Even on the day of Eid there was this blast that killed women and children as well as many men. Imagine an Eid day like that if your loved one was somehow lost (God forbid), and the question I have to ask is why are these people being killed? As if they are 'shias', oh sorry i mean as if they are 'hazaras', no no I mean as if they are animals. Let me do another Sheikh Rasheed and say there will be a day in this country when people will die and no one will care. Wait a minute wasn't that stage achieved long ago? Anyways, In other news 6th September was the defence day celebrated with 'typical' zeal and zest especially in Dera Bugti.
Less in height, Dangerous in fight.

Now coming back to Punjab, the wealthiest and the healthiest province of Pakistan. Well not really I'd say after the recent chain of events. They say once there was this mosquito that killed this guy who called himself a God in the time of Abraham, well we have another mosquito and it is killing another guy who calls himself a 'Khadim' (servant) or sometimes a lion as well. But this issue is definitely not political, I think my uncle would agree to that who survived a severe bout of dengue fever after being hospitalized for almost 10 days. Ten days was also the number of holidays given to schools and colleges in the wake of dengue. When Mr. Pervez Elahi was reached for a comment he said "It's a testament to our policy of "Parha likha Punjab" as now everybody goes to schools even the mosquitoes so they had to give holidays to save lives". But like I said this issue is not political its physcial, and we all know when things get physical they usually get out of control (Pakistan's ever increasing population is a living proof of that). I just request all those in Lahore and other parts of Pakistan to be careful and donate as much blood as they humanly can to those in need, because while we light up a coil to save ourselves from this god forsaken mosquito there is this other guy whose light of life is diminishing. So give blood and save lives. As only actions can save lives, sitting home and doing hawai firing like me can at best save the 'Youth' from five minutes of porn.

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  1. Wonderfully written Ali...waiting for another 'Hawai Firing'..keeps the youth pumped up at least. :)