Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am NOT a liberal,but I CAN blog.

What's this shit about blogging is for the leftists only? I am a 'rightist' and I can blog. Mind you I am not just another guy who stands up for the right wing, I am an out and out rightist so much so that I even wipe my shit with the right hand. By the guidance and 'karamat' of my idol and 'pir' Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid I will blog my way to the front row of 'ghazwa e hind' and will do 'hawai firing'. (By the way calling someone 'Pir' is haram, Its alright if I use it (my 'pir' told me that) ).

So yes all those who call me a fundamentalist and an extremist let me tell you that extremism is not only related to me and my folks, there are liberal extremists too. Infact fuck that, there are only two types of people, My type and Kafirs. So yes, I am not an extremist its just that you are a kafir. Ideally I should be out there killing you guys but for the time being I am just doing 'hawai firing'.

I will rip apart the 'fuhashi' lot, who watch tv and listen to 'na mehrams' on radio. I will ask my 'Molvi sahab' to use his loud speaker and speak to as many women as he can to tell them that listening to 'na mehrams' is strictly not allowed. I will also go to 'Aalim online' and tell everyone that watching tv is as 'haram' as it gets. I must also say that Amir Liaqat is a class act as he knows the answer to everything even the reason why cricket team lost so much in australia due to green soles of their joggers. Imagine green the colour of islam as soles of shoes 'Astaghfirullah'.

I live in Islamabad but I am proud of the Jihad going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Its so cool that I should support it even when I go to USA for masters. Talking about USA they are the biggest enemy of Islam they promote nudity and vulgarity, which is very bad. I will see that and pray what my 'molvi sahab' told me to pass time as I don't think I will have his students there.

Although media is a source of evil but I must say that Haroon Rasheed and Orya Maqbool are the best 'halal' pieces around. They talk so much sense and have such great names 'Mashallah'. Orya is the Islamic answer to those 'Kafir' street fighter characters. Just imagine a fight between Ken and Orya. There is only one winner in that i.e Orya. Just for the record though I am not the best guide on fights and their predictions that is the field of Hazrat Zaid Zaman Hamid. (Don't know why he has two surnames though).

And, yes the Jews are really scared of us. If we all muslims take a bath together it can drown Israel. Just imagine more than one billion people bathing together, just the thought of it makes 'My pee pee go doing doing doing' but in a Halal way. I am sure Jews will try to infiltrate the bath session too, so how to make sure that no Jew comes in? 'Mashallah' we have a counter check for that too i.e Circumcision. As for women 'Ahl e Kitab' are allowed.

In the end let me tell you that, I don't have any personal opinions about anything, everything is God given. So if you don't like me you are against Islam. Same goes for the Pakistani army. Although I support taliban and hate USA but I love Pakistani army. Anyone who opposes this great Islamic army which has a better 'strike ratio' than Israel (in 33rd lahore gymkhana shooting games) is against Islam and the Islamic fort of Pakistan. We are a great Muslim country the only problem is that some women are not wearing 'hijab' and some people miss their prayers the rest is all set to take over Delhi. I will blog till the day when somebody says "This is Radio Pakistan Delhi" oh yes that will be the day when radio will be 'halal' and we shall do hawai firing at the top of 'Sabz Qilla' ('Laal' is a kafir colour).


  1. Now thats some great psycho babble bullshit... But since your wiping your ass with your right hand so its okay.... :P
    Keep babbling...

  2. " I will ask my 'Molvi sahab' to use ..." hahaha