Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am liberal, I can blog

I by the powers vested in me by the great Liberal champion Nadeem F Paracha hereby declare myself a blogger. Blogging is not tough, you just have to pick up on anything that is wrong and connect it to the right (wing). Yes it's that easy. Be it blasphemy, sectarianism, balochistan issue, terrorism, gay rights, constipation etc etc all the wrong is by that chauvinistic,misogynistic 'molvi' boy who is never going to read this or any other blog for that matter.

So here I am. Going to bash all kinds of people without ever going to give a solution. I will rip apart the 'molvis' and all those bastards who don't stand up for gay rights. I will denounce all those who think alcohol should not be legal because we all know that to reduce the use of alcohol in society we have to legalize it. Same goes for prostitution. Yes that's true because Samad Khurram said so (don't know if he actually did).

I also believe Imran Khan is delusional, so is Nawaz Sharif, so is Zardari, so is Asfandyar and so are the 25 million people who voted in last elections. The only people with some sense working are Nusrat Javed and Najam Sethi and all those who are on blogspot and wordpress. Infact Imran Khan is not only delusional he is extremely delusional. He is a taliban apologist, he has no plan, he opposes corruption but I am 1000% sure when he comes to power he will be corrupt (I have a sharp sixth sense), furthermore I am never going to bash or write against Altaf bhai not only because I have to spend my weekends in Karachi but also because that isn't what the COOL guys do.

I know all the problems with this country. I know all the words in english to fuck guys from jamat e islami left right and centre but mostly from the left. I attend talks by Sheharbano Taseer and follow Tammy Haq on twitter. I think Hussain Haqqani is doing a great job in the USA by tweeting 24/7. I believe Rehman Malik is a fool but Mushahid Hussain is cool. I have a 8 KVA generator at my place but still I know what it feels like to have load shedding.

I am rich. I have education. I read books and know 'bigot' is the first word to use in an argument, having said that I hate these moronic 'mullahs' and their labeling of other people and fatwas and shit. I don't like to go to pubs but I support those who go to pubs. I wear a headscarf but still am cool with the 'nang patang' stuff (JK I am not Sana Saleem).

In short there is so much shit going on in the society that you cannot just sit out and do nothing about it. So I am here to bring a revolution by daily announcements that there is going to be no revolution because revolution is not something that I should support because i know the meaning of dogmatist and the spelling of chauvinist. I must also say that Pakistani middle class is the real problem, simply because these guys want to become rich. My 'Papa' told me that only we can be rich so fuck the middle class.

So here I am as liberal as Fasi Zaka (RHODES SCHOLAR), and it's time for me to blog. So all the folks out there, here I am a liberal blogger (so much for change). Lets do some HAWAI FIRING fellas!!!!!!


  1. My AK-47 to join your Hawai firing

  2. hahahahhahaa bouy
    u gone nuts
    u crazy ass!!
    i hope there is no censorship in comments
    people should feel free to throw any shit in comments and bash any buggers effing ass in the comments .... rioght??
    bus khial kerna k 'papa' k baray mn kuch na likhna!!

  3. aur mn try kerta hun k meri google profile say yeh pappu pic change ho jay
    that would be part of inqlaab...

  4. I am going to start a blog that will have posts opposing each and every post you post here!!!! may be!!

  5. waoww... too much shit in just one article... i raise my flag btw..:p

  6. I must post a comment here explaining to you the futility of your efforts and the hopelessness of the left wing cause. I absolutely must ask you to continue blogging all the same since 'we have to do something'.

    Also, I must agree 100% with whatever you say, because all liberals must think exactly alike.

  7. wow man kopa you have got balls bigger than a chakwali rewarii

  8. Shabaash Larkay. ;) Please don't forget to 'fuck' these people with good 'urdu' which is an other essential to be a 'fuckdamendalist'.
    And yeah , please bring back the glory of Veena jee and Meera Jee through your 'pissful' writings ;)
    All the best.

  9. Kia baat hai. Now here is a real blogger who is actually talking sense. :-)

  10. Now thats some real shit.Mirror in the face of all liberals.Kudos.

  11. I actually really enjoyed this post :)